Friday 21 October, 2016

Bettina Dlabek-Kubli

Bettina Dlabek-Kubli has been teaching yoga and pelvic floor exercises for over 10 years.

Her main focus  is to ensure that her workouts follow anatomical logic and enhance well-being in each position.

CANTIENICA ® – exercises are based on  anatomical principles: to begin with, all vertebrae are aligned and stretched upwards so  that all joints and discs are freed of pressure. This “weightless” position is then precisely held by the deep core muscles.

CANTIENICA ®  in Yoga makes all the asanas in yoga easy and secure for the spine and joints and arouses desire for new physical challenges. The anatomical and physiological well-founded principles of posture, movement and flexibility give every body stability and strength of the core muscles.

The most demanding yoga positions can be performed gracefully and with ease. CANTIENICA ® in Yoga awakens the understanding and enjoyment of the responsibility for one’s own body. It also makes the workout feel “safe”, supporting the release when release is appropriate, stabilizing when strength is necessary.

Bettina runs her own studio near Zurich and  teaches workshops and teacher trainings in Germany and Switzerland.

All her classes are held in German.

Bettina will hold 2 retreats in YIS in 2016

June 11th to 18th

September 10th to 17th

download the retreat program for 2016

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Yoga retreat with Bettina dablek-kubli

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