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“We were recently married, Elmar was working as managers coach and Michaela was studying industrial design.  One day our inner search led us in Tibetan monasteries and ashrams in India where we were overwhelmed by the Tantra, because it includes the union of man and woman in the spiritual life. Returning to Italy we turned to Bali and Prabhato, who have drove us for 8 years in a neo-tantric path that has changed in better our relationship. Based on their teaching we have built our training Tantra. In order to integrate tantra with other disciplines, we have attended training courses in Bioenergetics, NLP, Sexology, Energywork, Rebalancing and massage techniques, Dance Movement Therapy, family Constellations, Counseling, IBP (Integrative Body Psychotherapy). Throughout this period Tantra has been our way of the heart and the deeper practice, so we have dedicated ourselves back to its traditional forms: Elmar to the Kashmiri Tantric meditations taught by Daniel Odier, Michaela to the Tantra Tibetan tradition of Lama Chhimed Rigdzin. Now we’re married for 26 years, we have a daughter and we’re teaching Tantra since 18 years.”

Tantra it ‘a spiritual path that combines sexuality with love to facilitate spiritual growth. Tantra in Sanskrit language means “tool to expand consciousness”. Its origins date back to pre-Vedic, around 2000 BC. It was passed on secretly in different schools within Hinduism and openly in Tibet, where it is merged with Buddhism. It arrived in the West about 10 years ago, where it found a fertile cultural soil, plowed and fertilized by the sexual revolution emancipation of women. In tantric practice, you can experience sexuality in a more intimate way, combining sex, love and meditation, you can turn the beacon of awareness inward and not outward, down into the depths of your soul, traveling in the territories of human psyche, where the woman usually takes the lead. The woman open her own body and the man penetrates her corporeally, the man opens his heart and the woman enters him with her love. Each fully open to the energy of the other and let soak until it was packed, up to the limits of his own body-mind and discover what awaits him beyond ordinary consciousness.


You can use Tantra to achieve goals of personal and spiritual growth on three different levels:

1. To feel better in body and mind, to live a more satisfying and intense couple relationship

2. To live your sexuality more serenely and to learn about the subtle and internalized sexual energy when you connect with love

3. To experience the ecstatic states and moments of great mental expansion, to develop your intuition and inner observer to transcend the ego and connect yourself with the divine through the opening of the seven chakras.

The Tantra workshop with Elmar and Michaela will be hold in YIS

from April 30th  to May 5th 2013

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