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with Charlie Bensusen

April 12 – 19 2014

In the ancient texts it is stated that we take our vital energy from three sources; genetic makeup, sunlight and the food we eat.
While we can’t choose our genes, nor perhaps count on the sun to warm and energize our skins on a daily basis, perfectly normal people like yourself have adapted their diets at special moments of the year to enter more directly into contact with the spirit; Ramadan, Lent, Yom Kippur, and for observant Catholics, eating no meat on Wednesday and Friday. The classical yogis, including the Buddha, observed this gross link between diet and connection to spirit, and to stay “yoked” even outside of these religious periods, they conserved a restricted, vegetarian diet, excluding foods that fired up the passions or dulled this vital energy and sensitivity.
The organs and glandular systems correspond to the dynamos of energy that the rishis identified as Chakras. By cleansing them directly through the techniques of Kriya, the practitioner is greatly energized and prepared for the physical practices of asana et pranayama and their respective purifications of the gross tissues and nervous system.
This Easter at Yoga in Salento, from April 12-19, we will combine Hydro Colon Therapy and massage with an exquisite diet and two daily Yoga practices specially adapted for this retreat; softly led ashtanga in the morning and meditative practices in the evening.

The Yoga course costs Euro 250

Available Hydro Colon therapy with Vito Cammisa

Intestinal fevers are a source of many signs of our body that show us that we are not treating it as we should. Carefully clean the intestinal tract allows the body to get rid of many toxic substances that have accumulated over the years in the intestinal loops.

In addition, stress and hectic life and no schedules make us suffer from constipation. The only way to regulate the intestine without making us slaves of laxatives is just the colonics. The proper functioning of the intestine makes the skin more bright and clean (just ask the many fashion models that use this treatment). Fatigue, heaviness and headaches are just a bad memory after a session.

The treatment is done in a very soft and delicate way, with aspecifically designed method that permits to achieve maximum results, without inconvenience to the recipient.

Extra treatments:

Hydro colon Therapy Euro 100

Massage Euros 100

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