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YIS soulful Yoga Community blossoms in the heart of Salento in the spring of 2007. We nurture physical health and promote spiritual growth. The aspiration of YIS is to contribute to the well-being of all that lives: land, animals and people. At its essence, YIS exists to honour the divine in our students, teachers, staff and neighbours. We cultivate a way of life where peace, joy and friendship are celebrated as the very essence of who we are. We are not a body, we have a body. Through the practice of yoga we purify and celebrate the body: the body is the temple of our soul. Read below what YIS is about:

YIS Association Statute

The Association is committed to:
1. Develop & stimulate intercultural exchanges & mental, verbal & physical aimsha on the base & in the respect of yogic education.
2. Study, teach, disseminate and promote the art, science and philosophy of Yoga.
3. Promote & foster residences and meetings between people interested in the
philosophy & practice of Yoga by putting at their disposal an ancient facility immersed in greenery, in an environment harmonious and consistent with the principle of Yoga.
4. Become a key meeting point for yoga teachers & practitioners by developing & performing a role of organization & service, facilitating the connection between chelas, sadhakas & Gurus.
5. Promote healing and health through the diffusion of psycho-physical sciences and spiritual medicine.
6. Promote and produce art.
7. Promote & practice eco sustainable activities, & a correct relationship between
human-beings & mother earth.
8. Direct cultivation & supply of organic food, promoting the importance of organic, GMO free agriculture and of a nourishment composed by food grown in the respect of earth, air, and water.
9. Promote and enhance activities for raising awareness of respect and the safeguard of animals.
10. Promote and enhance initiative for raising awareness of respect and the safeguard of plants and earth.
Roles of the Association:
1. Organize and promote, courses, work-shops on Yoga, Ayurveda, cruelty-free diet and a self sustainable environment.
2. Organize and promote teacher trainings.
3. Organize other initiative in harmony with Yoga principles and of disciplines that have as objective the psycho-physical growth and evolution of the Self.
4. Build a social role in the territory, also in cooperation with public institutions in charge, by providing a possible guidance for those in discomfort and or working possibilities for unemployed youth of the area.
5. Encourage human creativity by providing workshop spaces, and organizing art exhibitions and performing arts shows (music, dance, theatre).
6. Create study team-works, seminars, gatherings, lectures & conferences in tune with the topics of YIS
7. Promoting YIS activities and the activities of its associates through the production/sale of books, flyers, news letters, CDs & DVDs.


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