Sunday 26 April, 2015
more than holidays…
…funky & holy days!


Don’t wonder about the needs of the world;
instead, ask yourself what makes your heart sing and do it,
because what the world needs the most is people whose hearts sing.
Namaste and welcome to the YIS website!

YIS is an international yoga community that gives high value to the connection and well being of body, mind and spirit.

YIS members are committed in the increasing and endless path of improvement of Self and of Society.

Conscious and grateful that our strength and energy comes primarily by Mother Nature,

we practice eco sustainability, we believe in the absolute necessity and urgency

to adopt daily methods of defence and protection of the environment that we are fast destroying.

We are immersed in the magical beauty and nature of Salento where the sun is strong,

the coastline is wild, the sea is crystal clear

and the traditional local Pizzica music & danceare contagious.

In this land of millenary olive groves we offer a fun, welcoming,

kind and supportive eco-friendly space for Yoga retreats and holidays

in tune with conscious living, with the ‘here & now’.

Re-connect with Yourself, with Others, with Mother Nature, with your playfulness!

Through yoga, Italian tasty organic vegetarian food, a range of fun activities

and services at your disposal (Shiatsu, Ayurveda, Thai massage),

this is a place to restore, relax and awake the power within.

We like to be surrounded by vibrant people that are looking for these same things.

You do too? …you found us.

YIS? Yes!


QiGong Sound Healing Retreat

This course combines the powerful effect of sound on the human energy system with the principles of QiGong…read more

Easter retreat – Dharmayoga with Gaia Bergamaschi

Gaia Bergamaschi (500 RYT) si accosta allo studio della pratica e della filosofia yogica nel 2004…read more

Maryam askari may yoga retreat Maryam Askari – Iyengar Yoga

It is no coincidence that this world renowned yoga teacher has a packed house for her classes. Maryam Askari began yoga studies in 1991…read more

…and more…


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